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Allotment Sites in Hillingdon

Allotments have become very popular, the demand for plots has increased. There are thirty five local authority sites and two private ones in Hillingdon. The private ones are on Church land. The allotment map contains details about the London Borough of Hillingdon sites. Click here to view allotment map. Printed copies are available from the Civic Centre and libraries.

allotment leaflet

Eight sites are self-managed. They are classified as Scheme B sites. These sites are highlighted in red on the allotment map. The sites are maintained by the site committee which sets the rent and lets the plots. 

Other sites are either managed by the Council or they are in a Shared Management scheme with the site committee. Shared Managed sites are classified as Scheme A sites. The Council sets the rent. They share responsibility for site maintenance and plot letting. The rent are set according to the size of the plot and facilities available on the site.

The main source of information about Scheme A and Council Managed sites is the Green Spaces department at the Civic Centre. Click here for contact details. The council website has a special section about allotments.

The site locations page contains further information about the sites and the facilities available. There are some vacancies on a few sites.

If you would like to rent a plot on one of the Scheme B sites listed on the site locations page please contact the management committee at the site. (Details are available on the site notice board.)

The London Borough of Hillingdon website has a special section about allotments it contains a wide range of information about local allotments.

A brief outline of the history of allotments is available from the Allotment Growing website


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