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It is interesting to see photographs of allotment plots during the year. A few examples of scenes during the summer and winter are included below. Just click on the images to see larger versions.


ornaments on a plot at Hill House

Bright ornaments

Bright flowers on a plot

Bright flowers

coloured balls and net over vegetables
Coloured balls

moving manure

Moving manure

preparing raised beds

raised beds

starter plots at Joel Street

Starter plots
at Joel Street

polytunnel veg

Polytunnel +

Sweetcorn, beans, squash

Sweetcorn beans
+ squashes

fruit and veg plot

Decorations, fruits
and flowers

vegetable beds

Vegetables in
neat rows
+ under cover

onion harvest

Onion harvest

Three sisters

Pumpkins, beans +
sweetcorn (3 Sisters)

Kabuza at Joel Street

New toilet
at Joel Street


Scarecrow at Hillhouse

Snowy plot

Snowy scene
at The Fairway

clearing new plot

Clearing a new plot
at Heathfield Rise

new beds and paths

Beds and paths

planted beds
Lots of plants

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