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Allotment Competition Results in 2017

The competition results were announced by the Allotment officers Mr Tim Guterriez and Ms Jennifer Hedges. The Mayor (Carol Melvin) presented awards to representatives from the Best Allotment Sites and top three plot holders on Wednesday 8th November.

The best Self Managed site is Hayes End. The best London Borough of Hillingdon Managed site is West Drayton Cemetery.

Fifty plot holders are in the winners list. Three of them achieved the highest marks:

1st place - Phil Seaman and Maria Page (Plot 29 at Heathfield Rise)
2nd place - Paul Lawrence (Plots 22 and 23 at The Fairway)
3rd place - Brian Lawrence (Plots 41b, 42c and 59 at Western Avenue)

Allotment Competition

The judges visited the London Borough of Hillingdon Allotment sites to assess the allotment plots. They awarded marks for the standard of cultivation and quality of the plants. Additional marks were awarded for miscellaneous items.

Details of the Marking Criteria

1. Standard of Cultivation - defined edges and pathways, neatly maintained; cleanliness and clearly displayed plot numbers.
2. Standard of Cropping - variety of crops; signs of successive sowing, planting or crop rotation including winter crops. Labelling of crops. Utilization of space.
3. Quality of Crops.
4. Absence or Minimal Level of Pests and Diseases.
5. Additional Points for Miscellaneous Items:- Overall appearance of the plot. Wildlife features. Attractive structures - obelisks / bird scarers. Compost bins, Evidence of compost management, Use of organic material (compost / manure), Safe and creative use of recycled materials.

National Gardening Week 30th April - 6th May

There will be lots of gardening events and opportunity to visit many gardens. Details of events in your area are available from the National Gardening Week website.


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