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Glebe Avenue Promotes Allotments in Ickenham

Graham Tarling Graham Tarling and some of the plot holders from Glebe Avenue will be promoting allotments at the Village Hall in January. Click here for details.

Losing the Plot - A musical about life on an allotment site.

A musical about the history of allotments and the lives of plot holders has been developed by the Mikron theatre company. The main focus is the Thistledale allotment site. The show will be at Ickenham village hall on Tuesday 7th August.

New National Garden Week in April 2012

The Royal Horticultural Society launched an initiative to encourage people to get involved in gardening. They will provide 20,000 gardening starter packs with free seeds. There will be special activities on April 16 to 22nd.
• Workshops and master classes at RHS gardens
• Compost Clinics
• Expert advice about borders, walls and fences
• Garden careers events at RHS gardens
• Daily gardening question and answer sessions on Face book

The Garden Week will coincide with the launch of Britain in Bloom 2012.

Hillingdon in Finalist List for Britain in Bloomflowers

Hillingdon is one of the 73 finalists in the 2012 competition. The finalist were selected from 1000 entries. Hillingdon will be competing against Birmingham, Leeds, Sunderland and Wigan in the large city category.
Click here for the Finalist List.

New look for Allotment Plot Holder's Guide

growing veg pic growing fruit pic

The plot holder's guide about Growing Fruit and Vegetables has been updated to provide more information with new images and links to various sources.

PDF versions of the full document and the 'Sowing Planting and Harvest' chart are available to download. Just click on the links below or other pages in this web site.

Fruit and Vegetable Growing for Allotment Holders (PDF)

Sowing, Planting and Harvest Times(Chart) (PDF)

There are separate web pages for specific fruit and vegetables. These can be downloaded individually.
The fruit pages are: Introduction, Apples (parts 1,2), Cherries, Currants, Gooseberries, Plums, Raspberries and Strawberries.
The vegetable pages are: Introduction (parts 1, 2, 3), Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Lettuce, Onions, Potatoes, Runner Beans, Tomatoes.

New Allotment Website

The Ruislip and Northwood Co-operative and Smallholding and Allotment Society Limited has launched a new website. It contains information about the history of the society, news and events, photographs and newsletters. Click here for details.

Allotment Competition Round 1

The judges will be visiting the London Borough of Hillingdon allotment sites during 11th - 23rd of June. They will allocate points to various plots for cultivation, cropping, quality, and miscellaneous aspects on the judging criteria list. Click here for a copy of the Allotment Judging Criteria.

Allotment Competition Round 2

The next round of visits to select the top fifty plots and best allotment sites in Hillingdon will take place during the week commencing August 13th. A team of judges will assess the plots that achieved good marks in the first round.
They will look at the standard of cultivation, quality and range of crops, continuity, and effective use of available space. There will be additional marks for composting, creative use of recycled materials, wildlife features, cleanliness, and overall appearance. Click here for full details.

The judges will also assess allotment sites to select the best three. This will be based on the Allotment Site Criteria.

Potato Blight and Amateur Gardeners

Amateur gardeners and allotment holders have been advised to clear their plots thoroughly after harvesting potatoes. The blight spores can survive during the winter on any potatoes and vegetation in the soil.

Recent headlines indicate that gardeners are responsible for spreading the blight because they didn't detect it early or dispose of infected plants.
Sky News 20th October, 'Gardeners blamed for Spreading Potato Blight'.

Awaiting Allotment Competition Results

Scarecrow Allotment holders in Hillingdon are waiting to find out the location of the best three allotment sites and the top 50 plots in the borough. The results will be announced on Wednesday 14th November. Details of the awards presentation is available on the Local Events page.

Allotment Competition Results - 2012

The results were announced by the Allotment Officer (Nick Porter) after the HAHF annual general meeting. Awards were presented by the Deputy Mayor (Alan Kauffman). Nick Porter also announced that Glebe Avenue received a commendation award from the Hillingdon in Bloom judges.

group photo

Award winners and representatives from the best allotment sites with Alan Kauffman and Nick Porter.

(Click photo for larger image).

The best allotment sites are Hayes End, Hill House and Glebe Avenue. Click here for the scoring sheet and photographs from Glebe Avenue. A list of the top 50 plots is available from here.

Best Allotment Site Representatives with Alan Kauffman
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Hayes End

John Arnold

John Arnold

Hill House rep

Hill House

Peter Mitchell

Glebe Avenue

Margaret Christie

Glebe Avenue rep

Top 50 plot winners

Keith Linda Bradshaw

1st Prize

Keith and Linda Bradshaw

2nd Prize - Phil Seaman

Phil Seaman

Anke Phillips

3rd Prize - Anke Phillips


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