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News 2013

Hillingdon in Bloom 2013 Competition Launch

The competition will be launched by the Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor Michael Markham on Thursday 18th April at 10.30am in the Rural Activities Garden Centre, West Drayton. Hillingdon residents are invited. Light refreshments will be available.

National Gardening Week - April 15th - 21st

The main theme will be horticultural careers and wild flowers. There will be special events at RHS gardens and online workshops. Wild flowers provide suitable habitats for pollinating insects. Click here for further information.

Hillingdon Allotment Competition Round 1

The judges will be visiting all of the London Borough of Hillingdon allotment sites during the last two weeks in June. They have considered the challenges of the weather during the cold wet spring. Click here for a copy of the Allotment Judging Criteria.

Allotment Competition - Delayed by Cold Weather

Allotment gardeners will have extra time to prepare their plots for the first round. The judges will visit the allotment sites between June 22nd and July 5th.

Midsummer Gardens - Twenty Local Gardens Open for Charity

Visitors will have opportunity to look at a wide range of gardens in Denham, Eastcote, Hatch End, Moor Park, Northwood, Pinner and Ruislip during this weekend (June 15th and 16th). Click here for details about tickets.
The Fairway Allotment site will be open on Saturday 15th.

Allotment sign Entrance
plots by path plot 20

Fairway Allotment Site Visitors

Visitors to the allotment site received a warm welcome from the plot holders. It was a pleasure to see a large number of people on the site during the open day.

Photo Gallery 3

This is a new web page with photographs from some of the allotment sites. They were taken during the first round of visits by the competition judges. Click here for photos. Please send comments to the website.

Changes to Best Allotment Site Competition

Nick Porter (The Allotment Officer) has announced that there will only be two awards this year. One for the best Self Managed Site and one for the best London Borough of Hillingdon Managed sites. There are some photographs from the first round of visits by the competition judges. You can view them on Photo Gallery 3 page.

New Autumn Show at Civic Centre Saturday 21st September

Hillingdon in Bloom has organised a fruit and vegetable competition to show local produce. Application forms are available online or from libraries. Click here for details.

Allotment Competition Round 2

mixed lettuce

The second round of visits will be on August 7th and 9th. Allotment competition judges will revisit a number of plots to select the top 50. (It will be interesting to see how allotment gardeners have coped with the hot weather during the past few weeks.) Click here for the Allotment Plot Judging Criteria.

The judges will also assess the allotment sites and select the best two for the new awards.

The best Self Managed Site
The best London Borough of Hillingdon Managed sites.

Allotment Site Criteria Max points
Overall appeal/appearance of view for public 10
Good Example of Allotmenteering 10
Maintenance of common paths 5
Maintenance of common areas (manure areas / car parks / outside of communal huts / water tanks) 10

State of unused / uncultivated plots
(Max points if fully let)

Notice board for site members 5
Notice board with contact for lettings, access etc 5
Tie breaker - % individual plots in top 50  

Peachy Lane Needs Votes for grant from Chrysalis Funding

Application for funds to improve the fencing at Peachy Lane allotment site is one of the community projects up for selection in the 'People's Choice Award'.
The plot holders have had problems with breakins, vandalism and theft. They need your votes to support their application.
You can vote online at http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/proud or go to Uxbridge library. Please cast your vote by Tuesday 17th September.

Allotment Competition Results

The deputy Mayor Cllr Catherine Dann presented awards to representatives from the Best Allotment Sites and top three plot holders on Wednesday 13th November. She was accompanied by the deputy Mayoress Mrs Rita Kilroy. The results were announced by the Allotment officer Mr Nick Porter.

The best Self Managed site is Hayes End. The best London Borough of Hillingdon Managed site is Glebe Avenue. Three plot holders who achieved the highest marks in the Top 50 list were ranked in the following order:

1st place - Phil Seaman (Plot 29 at Heathfield Rise)
2nd place - Carina Browne (Plot 46 at The Fairway)
3rd place - Keith and Linda Bradshaw (Plot 4 at West Drayton Cemetery).

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