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News 2014

Britain in Bloom 50th Anniversary - Growing for Gold in 2014

Sunflower Sunflowers

The main theme will be growing for gold to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The Royal Horticultural Society is encouraging gardening groups to plant pollinator friendly sunflowers in public places during the year. They will provide free packs of mixed sunflower seeds for community groups. Click here for details about Britain in Bloom and how to apply for free seeds.

Free Allotments for over 65s in Hillingdon

The London Borough of Hillingdon will provide free plots for people who are over 65. Councillor Ray Puddifoot announced this news at the Assembly for Older people in December.
The latest edition of Hillingdon People Magazine contains information about various initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles.

BBC2 - Big Allotment Challenge

BBC 2 are looking for talented kitchen gardeners who would like to take part in a television series. Click here for the flyer and details. You can also contact grow@silverriver.tv or call 0207 907 3401 for an application form.

Mediterranean atmosphere on an Allotment Plot

One of the plot holders at Chestnut Avenue allotment site (Curzio Pirfoame) has provided an interesting explanation about the methods he uses to produce abundant crops of grapes and unusual fruits and vegetables during the year. He was interviewed by Phil McCann from 'Grow Your Own' Magazine. Click here for a copy of the interview with a photograph of Curzio amongst his grapes.

Beechgrove Garden series is back

The TV series will return to BBC Scotland in April. The programmes will be repeated on BBC2. Details will be available online or TV listings.

Hillingdon in Bloom Competition

The 2014 competition will be launched at the Rural Activities Garden Centre by the Mayor, Alan Kauffman on Thursday 10th April.

bloom basket

This is one of the novelty entries in the 2013 competition. It was created by Alan Ellingham who won the best novelty front garden prize in 2012. The key feature is the stork and baby to mark the arrival of Prince George in July.

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Hillingdon in Bloom Launched on April 10th

The competition was launched by the Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor Alan Kauffman and Councillor Jonathan Bianco, Cabinet Member for Finance and Property, and Business Services.

Mayor Alan Kauffmanalloment plot holders

They explained the categories and encouraged residents to apply. Application forms are available online. A number of allotment holders from Glebe Avenue, Peachy Lane and The Fairway attended the launch.

Annual Compost Giveaway - Sunday 11th May

Hillingdon residents are invited to collect two bags of compost from the Civic Amenity site at New Years Green Lane. Harefield UB9 6LX. There will be limited supply available from 9am to 12noon. You will be asked to show your Hillingdon Card as proof of residency.

Allotment Competition 2014

Round 1 will be June 14th - 28th
Round 2 will be August 10th - 16th

Details of the competition were announced at the Hillingdon Allotment and Horticultural Federation meeting on Wednesday 7th May.
Allotment plot holders are encouraged to prepare their plots for the judges visits. All London Borough of Hillingdon allotment sites will be visited by teams of judges. They will assess the plots and award marks for the following:

1. Standard of Cultivation - defined edges and pathways, neatly maintained; cleanliness and clearly displayed plot numbers.

2. Standard of Cropping - variety of crops; signs of successive sowing, planting or crop rotation including winter crops. Labelling of crops. Utilization of space.

3. Quality of Crops.

4. Absence or Minimal Level of Pests and Diseases.

5. Additional Points for Miscellaneous Items:-

Beehive ornament Wildlife features. Attractive structures - obelisks / bird scarers. Compost bins, Evidence of compost management, Use of organic material (compost / manure), Safe and creative use of recycled materials. Overall appearance of the plot.  

Click here for further information about each Criteria and specific marks.

There are more photos on the Photo Gallery 3 web page.


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HAHF Minutes Online

Hillingdon Allotment and Horticultural Federation meetings are held every two months in the Civic Centre. The meetings are interesting. They provide opportunity for allotment plot holders to meet and discuss various issues. The minutes of these meetings are now available online. Click here to download the latest copy (May 2014).  

National Allotment Week 4th - 10th August

Allotment sites in England and Wales are encouraged to invite visitors in to look at the wide range of crops growing in their area. A number of plot holders will be available to guide visitors around. The National Allotment Society has a list of the events and venues. Click here for details.

Allotment Competition Round 2

The second round of visits by allotment judges in Hillingdon will be during the 2nd week in August.

HAHF Meeting in September

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 10th September at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge. Minutes of the previous meeting is available for everyone to download from this website. Click here. All allotment plot holders are invited to attend the meetings.

Allotment Competition Results

The deputy Mayor Cllr George Cooper  presented awards to representatives from the Best Allotment Sites and top three plot holders on Wednesday 12th November. He was accompanied by the deputy Mayoress Mrs Cooper.

Nick Porter

The results were announced by the Allotment officer Mr Nick Porter.

The best Self Managed site is Hayes End. The best London Borough of Hillingdon Managed site is Glebe Avenue.




Three plot holders who achieved the highest marks in the Top 50 list are ranked in the following order:

1st place - Phil Seaman (Plot 29 at Heathfield Rise)
2nd place - Robin Walton (Plot 45 at The Fairway)
3rd place - Charlie Walsh (Plot 39 and 48 at The Fairway).

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