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Top Fifty Plots in 2014

The top 50 plots were selected after the second round of visits by the Allotment competition judges. The results were announced in the Civic Centre by the Allotment Officer (Mr Nick Porter) on Wednesday 12th November. The deputy Mayor Cllr George Cooper presented prizes and certificates to the plot holders who achieved the highest marks.

Top Plot Certificates

1st cert 2nd cert 3rd cert

Photographs of the winners with Cllr George Cooper. (Click photos to enlarge the images.)

1st Place

Phil Seaman and Maria Page. Plot 29 at Heathfield Rise.
Phil received a special cup, garden centre vouchers, and a certificate.


Top plot 1st
Top plot 2nd

2nd Place

Robin Walton Plot 45 at The Fairway.
Robin received a certificate, rosette and garden centre vouchers.

The Deputy Mayoress Mrs Cooper is in the background.



3rd Place Plots 39 and 40 at The Fairway.

The plot holder (Charlie Walsh) didn't attend the ceremony. His certificate and prize were collected by the Site Secretary (Carina Browne).


The Mayor with 3rd prize certificate

Cllr George Cooper with Charlie Walsh's certificate and prize. Nick Porter is in the background.

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The Allotment Locations web page contains information about all the allotment sites in Hillingdon. You can also view satallite images from Google maps.